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Welcome to, the online home of novelist and journalist Thrity Umrigar.

From People Magazine:

"Umrigar is skilled at intertwining the compelling stories of her characters within the setting of political and religious forces that dominate present-day India...Umrigar handles these important themes with expertise and without judgment. A storyteller through and through, she ensures that her characters face up to the costs and consequences created by their choices, right or wrong, principled or unprincipled."
--The Washington Post

"Stunning in its credibility and nuance. . . this is a novel that rewards reading, and even re-reading."
--Boston Globe

"Alive with finely drawn and richly developed characters...affecting but not cloying, thoughtful but not preachy."
--Plain Dealer

"Because of the fluid mastery of Umrigar's writing, all four of her women will matter to readers (and resonate and disturb and inspire) and the world they found (equally disturbing and enlightening) will be known, and discussed, and remembered."
--Huffington Post

"Umrigar renders a vivid portrait of modern-day India as she meditates upon the power of friendship, loyalty, and love. Like her previous works, THE WORLD WE FOUND is eloquent and evocative, bitter
and sweet."

- Booklist (starred review)

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Previous Books:

The Weight of Heaven:
Umrigar continues her exploration of cultural divides in this beautifully written and incisive novel about an American couple's experience in India.- Publisher's Weekly Read more>

The Space Between Us: Distance and intimacy; Out of India's seething hotch-potch of humanity Thrity Umrigar has created two vivid female characters, each representative of thousands of real-life Indian women. - The Economist Read more>

First Darling: A poignant and brave exploration of childhood's less lovely spaces, First Darling is a sensitive, vividly-relived memoir that captures the innocence and confusion of a small Indian girl struggling against the paradoxes that rock her life. Told with startling honesty, the memoir paints an unforgettable picture of middle-class life in contemporary Bombay. Read more>

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